Akawa - Training / exams

We are training with Akawa from her first day in our family:

  Batanco is the big patern for her:  


Akawa is very handy by defense trainings to.
She busily hunt the prey and she eagerly to take away it to the car.
This photo is from her first defense training:


The first sniff trace we tried when she was 10 weeks old.

And it was amazing to watch her focused 
work :)

We gradually increase the intensity of training and Akawa in 6 months of age has done sniff trace 200 steps long, U-shaped with/out problems.


Since September 2013 we regularly (3 times weekly) visits the training center at cynology club in Most pri Bratislave. We train obedience with an experienced trainer Eva Panakova and defense with an excellent figurant Alexander Drozd.

But we exercise every day, in different settings, by each walks and each feeding also.

Kawa is a great interest in training.




Very important support for us are our friends: Kate with Brittany Nova Moravia (Akawa`s mother) and Evička with Amigo Ebritte (Akawa`s brother) and Ľubka with Abbie Ebritte (Akawa`s sister) and Adriana with Dajana z Posonia. We visit many different training events for hovawarts together with them.


We believe that Akawa her working verve, flavor and enthusiasm never leave!



Passed exams:

Recipient of the National Working Certificate  
Title "Work & Show Master"  
1. place in category ZM at the Slovak hovawart club races "HOVIFEST 2015" - Podskalie 1.5.2015
9. place in the competition "Working hovawart of 2014"  



Date: 9.4.2016
Place: KK Most
Judge: Miloš Bočkai
Score: 248 (94/83/71)
Result: good



Date: 19 September 2015
Place: KK Abrahám
Judge: Štefan Pongrácz
Score: 278 (94/89/95)
Result: very good



Date: 13 May 2015
Place: KK Sĺňava Piešťany
Judge: Marek Lenárd
Score: 239 (94/75/70)
Result: sufficiently



Date: 25 April 2015
Place: KK Pezinok
Judge: Milan Kadlecaj
Score: 94
Result: very good



Date: 18 April 2015
Place: KK Most
Judge: Štefan Pongrácz
Score: 147 (A=49, B=49, C=49)
Result: excellent



Date: 28 March 2015
Place: KKSI Bratislava - Vajnory
Judge: Marek Lenárd
Score: 80
Result: good



Date: 22 November 2014
Place: KK-Most
Judge: Milan Kadlecaj
Score: 86
Result: good


Date: 9 November 2014
Place: KK-Most
Judge: Alžbeta Jamnikar
Score: 44
Result: passed



Date: 19 October 2014
Place: KK-Most
Judge: Dušan Majtas
Score: 35
Result: passed