News archive 2012


30 December 2012

We added the photos of our Christmas-walk.


15 November 2012

We added two new photos of Arthur z Merlinovho dvora  here




23 October 2012

Sunday, 21 October 2012 at the Komárom (HU) was held the Club show of  Hungarian hovawart club. Here for the first time showed Pusztai Pandur Jágo :)  and Pusztai Pandur Jázmin too. Both demonstrated in puppy class and both  won the same second place with result Very Promising 2. Judge Dušica Bučer (SI). Complet results here.


23 October 2012

Added new photos of Arthur :)


7 October 2012

Today Batanco successfully met the test FPR3 (77 points). Judge Mr. Milan Kadlecaj.


6 October 2012

We added photos of MHwK ČR (authors: Hanka Jemelkova, Míša Václavú, Roman Rakovan). More photos you can see here and here.  And video here.


1 October 2012

First photos of Arthur z Merlinovho dvora :)


30 September 2012

Yesterday 29. September we attended the Czech hovawarts Championship. With Batanco we fought out in the category ZPS1. Roman Rakovan with Catherine z Kraje kalicha won in the category ZVV1. It was a new and certainly enlightening experience for us.



27 September 2012

Batanco is the father again :) In the kennel "z Merlinovho dvora" was born a beautiful blond son Arthur. We wish him good health and a wonderful life!


22 September 2012

After the training to FPR3 ...
I tore up the cord K9 ...
and transform to F1 :)))


22 September 2012

Last weekend 15.-16.9.12 we visited the common show of two german hovawart clubs  HZD and RZV in Meisdorf, Germany. On Saturday we watched the show breeding males and on Sunday was held the exhibition. Entries were about 250 dogs from different countries. SHK was demonstrated for only three hovawarts - Golfo Kráľovská stráž, Dorotka z Julinčina údolí and Djamila Aldeon. The greatest joy made us again Batanco`s daughter Jázmin, that in a puppy class won second place :)))   Complete results and more photos here. 



13 September 2012

Added the 1th photos from summer training camp Podskalie 2012.


9 September 2012

Yesterday in Hungary was a special exhibition The first time showed Batanco`s daughter Jázmin. Her results: Baby Class Winner a BIS Baby :)))  Big congratulations!



9 September 2012

Next week of summer we were on training camp for hovawarts in Podskalie. Around were woods, rocks, meadows, bears, wolves ...  and very good weather. The camp was attended by a lot hovawarts. And there are also many new young members. All week we practiced faithfullyMany thanks to our trainersespecially fo Miňo (Milan Mihók)!

1. September - Special show SHK with judge Luděk Novák - results and fotogalery


3 September 2012

Good news -  mating with Anonymus Vivi was successful :)))  Puppies should be born cca 23.9.2012. We are very happy.


24 August 2012

We train with Brittany:

Stopa pri Dunaji 2 Stopa pri Dunaji 3 Stopa Britka


18 August 2012

We visited the Jazmin 6 mesiacovInternationale dog show DUODANUBE Bratislava today. Beautifully showcased our friend Brittany Nova Moravia with results: Excellent 1, CAC and CACIB. The title BOB received nice young hungary male Hobo vom Schondratal.  Complete results of exhibition: We are very pleased of the meeting Jázmin. She is very pretty (as mam and dad too). Some photos.



23 July 2012

Batanco a BorkaLast weekend visited us and Batanco beautiful black female Anonymus Vivi (Borka) from Prešov for mating. It was big love at first sight. Bati was the perfect romantic. Bork was a very brave and mating was successful.  Fotos here.



24 June 2012

Today we attended with Batanco the International Dog Show "INTERCANIS  Brno". In the champion class received Batanco reviews V3. The judge: very enjoyable czech arbitrator Mr. Ladislav Kukla. Complete results here výsledky výstavy .


3 June 2012

Our dog friend Everest Kráľovská stráž passed smell-exam FH-2. 90 points, mark Very good. Judge Mrs. Marta Majtasová. Big congratulations to Everest and his mistress Zuzka!


1 June 2012

Jágo  Jago v novom domoveJágo is growing very fast and seems to be well in his new home.




24  May 2012

Puppy for sale - hovawart kennel Pusztai-Pandur blond female Iza.


23 May 2012

Jázmin (doughter of Batanco) - first swimming and training :)


21 May 2012

We attended one of the largest dog shows WORLD DOG SHOW 2012 in Salzburg, Austria. Overall,there were 90 entries hovawarts from around the world. Judge: breed specialist a longtime breeder of hovawarts  Mr. Michael Kunze in Germany. We met the expeditions from Russia, Italy, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Finland, Austria, Germany etc. Batanco received Excellent result in champion class. Complete results of the exhibition can be viewed on the club website SHK. Our photo report here.


14 May 2012

As we learned from a web site Pusztai-Pandur, Jaffa and Jágó are already in their new homes. We wish them to be happy there.


6 May 2012
Batanco enjoyed being with his best friend Asta.



4 May 2012
Jasmine, Jágó and Jaffa are already 8 weeks old. Today we were pleased to hear from the new the breeder Erika Pálne that Jázmin will stay with her. This way we will be able to visit her more often. Jaffa and Jago are slowly preparing to leave to new homes.


29 April 2012
We spent the entire last week at Hovawart training camp in Bojnice. Traditionally it was a great event. Great people, great dogs, great trainers, perfect atmosphere and nice weather. With Batanco we have practiced obedience exercises, defense and smell. At the end of the camp we attended the club show with the judge Dusica Bucer from Slovenia. We look forward to the next summer camp.


20 April 2012
The puppies are 6 weeks old. Photo gallery