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31 December 2013

  ... our family Christmas holiday in Zuberec ...  more photos.


15 December 2013

Hovawart trip to the castle Tematín ... good humor, big lot of puppies, an even bigger bunch of good people, a little snow, a nice trip ... photos here.


2 December 2013




1 December 2013 - the autumn summary:


Puppies "z Dubákovho dvora" - all are in their new homes and thrive well.

we encountered a little Blaicy (at home she is called by Becky) at the international dog show in Nitra. She took part in the exhibition for the first time. Becky was very nice and she got from Mrs. judge good favorable opinion and mark VN1 - very promising first place. Congratulations!



Pusztai Pandur Jázmin - she is very successful in the show rings. Her new titles: Hungária Junior Champion, more CAC, CACIB, 2013 Derby winner and BOS.


Brittany Nova Moravia - mother of Akawa won first place in the the competition "First Czech-Slovak race hovawarts 2013" in the category FPr3 (97 points)! And in November she passed the smell exam FH1 again with beautiful 91 points! Congratulations!



Batinko - sometimes comes with Akawa to the training ground and he is very glad to be there. Addition he is still training the smell.
At Tuesday 26 November 2013 came to visit Batanco beautiful female Heila wom Julienhof from Prague for mating. Birth of puppies we are expecting in the spring of 2014.


Akawa - celebrated six-month birthday and we faithfully continue in training. End of September we began regularly attending training course in Most pri Bratislave. Our trainers are experienced trainer Eva Panáková and excellent figurant Alexander Drozd. Kawa is a very talented and versatile and we use her endless temperament for the training.

30 November 2013 Akawa participated in international dog show DUO CACIB NITRADOG 2013. Kawa competed in puppy class with his nurse Abbie. Mrs judge gave very similar results for both and Kawa got a mark VN1 - very promising first place. Next time it could be contrary, because both girls are equally beautiful and smart.



Baldovec - 25-28 October 2013 - our little "puppies group" with: Amigo + Evička a Katka, Abbie + Jekyll + Ľubka, Dajka + Aďka, Akawa + me ...


22 September 2013

LVT Mošovce 2013 - news:

The end of August we attended the summer hovawarts training camp in Mosovce. Akawa for the first time tried the defense training. She very successfully chased the trainer after the ground and stole his prey. We did not miss smell-training, socializing and having fun with other pups to. And finally, Kawa participated in her first exhibition. She got a very good review with a mark VN - very promising. Photos here.


24 August 2013

Photos of our visit to puppies "z Dubákovho dvora".


22 August 2013

Puppies z Dubákovho dvora are 8 weeks old just now: photos here.

1 malle and 4 little ladies are looking for their new families:




19 August 2013

First smell training with Akawa:


... and Batanco to:



19 August 2013

Added new photos to Kawa`s photogalerie.

  Batanco ... long time stay :)))


7 August 2013

Summer romantic:



28 July 2013

   Photos of our first trips here.


27 July 2013

Puppies z Dubákovho dvora are 4 weeks old now. New pfotos.



26 July 2013

Akawa - the snakes trainer :)


19 - 23 July 2013

We have a new family member - little black and tan female Akawa Ebritte. She is very nice, temperament, clever and  willing to learn. She loves Batanco very much. photos


20 July 2013

Puppies - 3 weeks:



10 July 2013

Puppies are already two weeks old. We've added the first photos to the gallery.


2 July 2013

Puppies were born - Batanco is daddy again!

On 26 June 2013 Adélka z Veterného vrchu gave birth 9 beautiful and large puppies: 1 blond male, 2 b&t male, 2 blond female, 4 b&t female. More info here.


2 June 2013

Hello, my name is KAWA, full name Akawa Ebritte. I was born 24 May 2013. My mother is Brittany Nova Moravia and father Hobo vom Schondratal. Here you can see my sibling: A few weeks I will move to a new home to my "big brother" Batanco. He will protect me and teach. But now I have to go to the milk bar ...

AKAWA 1 AKAWA a surodenci AKAWA 2


21 May 2013

Good news - Adélka z Veterného vrchu is pregnant and Batanco will be a daddy again! Puppies should be born on 23 June 2013. For more informations:


21 May 2013

In the Friday 17 May 2013 was held the World Dog Show in Budapest. In the junior class was showed Pusztai-Pandur Jázmin and got Excellent 2.
In the Saturday, 18 May 2013 on
Club show  Hungarian hovawart club Jázmin participated again and this time in junior class won first place and the title of "Best Junior". Jázmin has fulfilled conditions for title HUNGÁRIA JUNIOR CHAMPION!
In the junior class exhibited Pusztai-Pandur Jágo also and received a result Excellent 3.


28 April 2013

Today is 5. birthday of Batanco! 

Batino, we wish you, to mess with us for a long time stayed in full health! We thank You that gave us so much joy!


27 April 2013

Krytie Adelka21. a 22.4.2013 - mating Batanco and Adélka z Veterného vrchu.




10 April 2013

New little Arthur`s website:


5 April 2013

We are very happy to receive regular informations about Batanco`s descendants. There are new photos of Jázmin training.

She is very smart, learns quickly and really enjoy her work.


3 April 2013

Today Batanco passed the eyes tests ... and result - negativ :)


23 February 2013

New photos in the Arthurs photogalerie




23 February 2013

Jago a Jazmin Budapest Fehova Winter Dog Show15 February 2013 Budapest FEHOVA Winter Dogshow: Jázmin received in young class Exc.1 . HPJ, Best Young

17.2.2013 Budapest FEHOVA Winter Dogshow:  Jázmin Exc.1 , HPJ and  Jágo VG.2.



14 February 2013

We received new photos of  Pusztai-Pandur Jaffa from Erika Pálne. She looks like dad :)  


6 February 2013

Jázmin 10 and half months ... photos.


3 February 2013


We like snow :)))



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