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27 October 2015

Batanco and autumn romance:



20 October 2015

Our friend Asta Angel from Slovakia has puppies: four female and four male.  They are the Flat coated retriever. More info here.



20 October 2015

Akawa is the Czech champion.

26 September 2015

We attended on the Hovawart Club show in the Czech republic. In the working class Akawa got rating Excellent 2 res. CAC. Judge: Gabriela Hollbacher (AT).


20 September 2015

Yesterday Akawa passed next exam SVV1 according to Slovak national Exam Regulations. Score: 278 points (A=94, B=89, C=95). Result: Very good! Judge Mr. Štefan Pongrácz.


6 September 2015

The Special hovawart show SHK - 29.8.2015: Akawa in the working class: Excellent 1 CAC. Judge: Martin Slezák, CZ.



  Akawa was given the new title Club champion SHK





22 August 2015

Akawa participated in the exhibition DUODANUBE BRATISLAVA 2015. In the working class she got rating Excellent 1 CAC CACIB BOS. Judge: Tibor Havelka.


14 June 2015

Yesterday Akawa passed exam IPO-VO according to International Exam Regulations. Score: 239 points (A=94, B=75, C=70). Result: Sufficiently! Judge Mr. Marek Lenárd.


5 June 2015

Akawa participated in the exhibition CVP NITRA. In the champion class she got rating Excellent 2 res. CAC. Judge: Tibor Havelka. 


26 May 2015

The big Celebration:

for Akawa and all "Ebritte" - 2 years:   
for Batanco - 7 years:
 ... and together:  


26 May 2015

  Akawa became the recipient of the National Working Certificate :)




12 May 2015

 Akawa Ebritte is the Slovak beauty Champion




5 May 2015

Today Akawa attended rtg of joints with result HD-A (0/0), ED (0/0)  and  oftalmol.test - negativ.


4 May 2015

Last week we attended on the Spring training camp SHK Podskalie. Akawa`s success:

1. place in category ZM at the Slovak hovawart club races "HOVIFEST 2015" and the new title "Work & Show Master". Complete results here.
9. place in the competition "Working hovawart of 2014"
Excellent 1 CAC on the Club show SHK 2015. Photos and results.


25 April 2015

Akawa is super female-dog :)  Today she passed exam Fpr3 with beautifull score 94 points and result very good. Judge: Mr. Milan Kadlecaj.


18 April 2015

Today Akawa passed next exam: ZM according to National Exam Regulations. Score: 147 points (A=49, B=49, C=49). Result: Excellent! Judge Mr. Štefan Pongrácz :)


29 March 2015

Yesterday, 28 March 2015  Akawa passed next exam: Fpr 2.  Score 80 points and result good. Judge: Mr. Marek Lenárd.


22 March 2015

Last week we participated in spring training weekend SHK at Stará Myjava. The Akawa - photogallery here and others pfotos here.


17 March 2015

New photos and video:

Akawa - video

Akawa - training 8 March 2015

Akawa - new photos
Batanco - new photos


Ashita A few days ago died mother of Batanco Ashita Mista Jaswin. She lived almost 13 years and she was the representative of the breed, as to appearance and character to :(
  And on Friday, 03.13.2015 born first Batanco`s grandchildren - N litter Pusztai-Pandur. Proud parents are Pusztai-Pandur Jázmin and Hobo vom Schondratal. It was born 8 beautiful healthy puppies: 1 blond male, 2 black and tan males, 3 blond females and 2 black and tan females.  Here are photos of them. 


9 January 2015

We added new photos here.


PF 2015


22 November 2014

Today Akawa passed next exam: FPR-1. Judge: Milan Kadlecaj.


17 November 2014

W.W.W. Itsy-Bitsy Nicetsy (Kelly) - 6 month old:

Nicetsy 6 mesiacov 1   Nicetsy 6 mesiacov 2   Nicetsy 6 mesiacov 3


9 November  2014

BH  Today Akawa passed next exam: IPO BH. Judge: Alžbeta Jamnikar. 

  Photos here.




5 November 2014

W.W.W. Itsy-Bitsy Nevada - 6 month old:


27 October 2014

Akawa Ebritte on European dog show 2014 - video


26 October 2014


Last week we visited the European dog show 2014 in Brno city, Czech republic. Akawa was presented in intermediate class. Judge Mr. Damir Skok (HR). And Akawa`s result: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, EUROPEAN WINNER 2014 !!!


Thank for photos to our friends Dita and Standa and Alfréd ze Světlovských luk.

More photos here.


26 October 2014

Pusztai-Pandur Jázmin is Hungarian Show Champion! Big congratulations!


26 October 2014

We have added the photos of test BH-SK to Akawa`s photo gallery.


21 October 2014

We received good news from Hungary and USA about Batanco`s puppies:

HU: Pusztai-Pandur Jágó on the Hungary hovawart club show  in the open classe became the 1. place and title CAC and The most beautiful black and tan dog Special Award!!!  
USA: Dog show in Portland visited two Batanco`s daughters: blond Amerika Bohaemic and black and tan Albertina Bohaemic. In the junior classe: Albertina 1. place and Amerika 2. place
In the USA lives Alcron Bohaemic to and he is very happy:


19 October 2014

Today Akawa has passed her first exam BH-SK. Judge Dušan Majtas.


11 October 2014

Video of MVP DANUBEDUOCACIB Bratislava: here and photos here.


4 October 2014

Today Akawa attended on MVP DANUBEDUOCACIB Bratislava with result: Excell. 1, CAC, res. CACIB! Judge: Matakovič Bojan from Croatia. 




16 September 2014

Hovawart Club Show in Wiehl, Germany:

Air Force Bohaemic - in the puppy class - result VP1 and Almira Bohaemic - in the puppy class - result VP3  :)

photos here 


15 September 2014

Bella  Bella z Dubákovho dvora - we added the photos of ŠV SHK Stará Myjava 2014
Bailey Bailey z Dubákovho dvora - we added the photos of ŠV SHK Stará Myjava 2014


11 September  2014

Jago  Pusztai-Pandur Jágó  - 6.9.2014 Internationale dog show Kecskemét: V1 CAC CACIB BOB.





11 September 2014

Akawa`s father Hobo vom Schondratal was awarded the title Inter champion (Int. CH) CIB.


30 August 2014

The Special club show SHK 2014, judge Elena Škvařilová, Austria:

Akawa Ebritte - intermediate class - result Excell.4 

Abbie Ebritte - junior class - result Excell.4

Brittany Nova Moravia - champion class - result Excell.1, CAC, Winner of ŠV, Čakateľ šampióna IHF, BOS

Bella z Dubákovho dvora - junior class - result Very good

Bailey z Dubákovho dvora - junior class - result Excellent


23 August 2014

We added photos of MVP DUODANUBE 2014.


21 August 2014

Short daily training: video


18 August 2014

We added new photos of Akawa`s summer-training.


17 August 2014 Akawa JCH     
DUODANUBE BRATISLAVA, judge Gabriela Ridarčíková (SK):
Akawa - Excell.1 CAJC
brother Amigo - Excell.1 CAJC - JUNIOR CHAMION OF SLOVAKIA
sister Abbie - VG2
mother Brittany - Excell.2
16 August 2014
brother Amigo - Excell.1 CAJC
sister Abbie - Excell.2
mother Brittany - Excell.1 CAC CACIB BOB


 Nice weekend!


2 August 2014

Akawa 14-month`s old - training: video.


27 July 2014

All puppies W.W. ITSY BITSY KENNEL are in new families. We wish them a lot of love, good health and good luck in training and in dog-shows.


4 July 2014

Little girl Narnia is looking for new family: 



16 June 2014

Puppies N alom W.W. ITSY BITSY KENNEL are 5 weeks old. Most of them have already found their new families and free are three beautiful puppies:


black and tan female



blond male



black male


More photos here.


31 May 2014

Last weekend we attended two dog-shows with Akawa:

30 May 2014 - friday - the National dog show Senec - in the junior class Akawa won the first place and received result Excell. 1, CAJC, Junior Winner of Slovakia 2014. Judge Ing. Terézia Gargušová (SK).
31 May 2014 - saturday - the International dog show GRAND PRIX SLOVAKIA NITRA 2014 - in the junior class Akawa won the second place and received result Excell. 2. Judge Magdalena Kozlowska (PL).
More photos here.


29 May 2014

Pusztai-Pandur Jágó  18 May 2014 attended on "Makó CAC dog show" in Hungary. Result: V1 CAC BOB.


 Jázmin  And his sister Pusztai-Pandur Jázmin is very nice young girl too :)


24 May 2014

Happy birthday for Akawa : video


18 May 2014

New photos added:

Akawa - defense training on JVT Dolný Kubín 2014

Akawa - Club show SHK Dolný Kubín 2014

Another photos are here.


5 May 2014

Batanco is father again :)  In the W.W. ITSY BITSY KENNEL birth 7 puppies: 1 black male, 1 blond male, 2 black female, 2 blond female a 1 black and tan female. Mother Nice To See You Cremona. Best wishies for puppies and mother to! The first photos here:




4 May 2014

JVT SHK Dolný Kubín

Again, we have a few days attended spring training camp SHK in Dolny Kubin in a very nice camp Tília.

Akawa trained defense ...

... and on the Club show she won first place in the junior class. Result Excellent 1 CAJC. Judge Stefan Damer /DE/.   
... and she attended the "check for young hovawart".  



28 April 2014

Batanco celebrate 6th birthday:



27 April 2014

Tommorow will Batanco celebrate his 6th birthday and today he has passed the exam Upr-1! Super! more photos. 

Upr1 1 Upr1 2 Upr1 3


27 April 2014

Akawa - video of defence training in the room and video of training with Jindro Urban on training weekend SHK Stara Myjava 5-6 April 2014.


22 April 2014

We add new photos:

Our visit of puppies "A" Bohaemic 15.3.2014

Akawa - training weekend Nitra 8.-9.3.2014

Training weekend SHK - Stará Myjava 5.-6.4.2014


7 April 2014

Last weekend we were on the hovawart training weekend at Stará Myjava. This event was excellently organized. Akawa and Batanco also have practiced obedience. For the first time we tried the defense in the room on slippery floor. Akawa was very successful. We met here Batanco`s daughter Bailey z Dubákovho dvora to. We will add photos and videos of this great event soon.


7 April 2014

We received good news from Hungary: Nice to See You Cremona positive pregnancy :)))  Cremona web page.


30 March 2014

Play with Akawa and Batanco ...


Nausnica prava  Nausnica lava



29 March 2014 - the spring summary:


Litter "A" Bohaemic - puppies are 9 week old now. All have received their new mená. We are visited their at 15 March 2014: video of our visit.  Akawa - video of defense training 15 February 2014.


2 March 2014 - mating Batanco andNice to See You Cremona from Hungary. Cremona is very nice black female with good temperament. Along with her owner Anita they are actively devote canisterapii and they help so many children.


Pusztai Pandur Jázmin - at 1 March 2014 has successfully breeding exam ZTP :))) The best results: breeding proposed.  Very big congratulations!!!


The second congratulations is to all puppies of litter J - Pusztai Pandur of their second birthday!


And the third big congratulations to Hobo vom Schondratal (Akawa`s father) for exam IPO-1



11 February 2014

Akawa - 8 month old - training.


9 February 2014

Our last training video. And more:  Akawa, Amigo and Dajka


9 February 2014

"A" Bohaemic -


7 February 2014

We've added photos of Batanco`s winter training to his photogallery. 

Bella na cvičáku

Batanco`s daughter Bella z Dubákovho dvora
on the training place. Bella photogallery.


2 February 2014

Litter "A" Bohaemic - first week old: video. Info and news: Bohaemic.


31 January 2014

Kawa obrana 26012014

Akawa defense training on sunday 26 january 2014.

More photos here.

Bati vycvik 012014 Bati - aport.


28 January 2014

The first video  and photos of litter "A" Bohaemic:

puppy 1 puppy 2  puppy 3  puppy 4   puppy 5
puppy 6 puppy 7 puppy 8 puppy 9  


26 January 2014

Batanco is father again !!!  Today Heila gave birth 9 beautifull puppies: 3 black and tan males, 2 blond females and 4 black and tan females. The first photos:

 prípravy na pôrod before the birth  Bohaemic prvé foto and first photos


12 January 2014

Good news: positive ultrasonograph for Heila wom Julienhof.  The puppies will be born cca at 28 January 2014. Heila is very well and she has the carefully supervisor (Batanco`s father) Sven Gasko Prim:  



5 January 2014

We are going through all weathers with our friends: Fotky zo silvestrovskej a novoročnej vychádzky.


5 January 2014

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